Giulio Limongelli

Head of Growth for EMEA and Pacific at WeWork

Born and raised in Bari till the age o 18th then moved to Milan to attend the BA courses at Bocconi University. Giulio, after a short consultancy experience during the dissertation period, joined the pricing and offering team at H3G (3 Italia) as a marketing manager. After 2 years he moved to Berlin and joined Jamster international as a Country Manager for Italy and Spain. At the end of 2007 Giulio moved to Madrid to fund the European branch of Flycell Inc. and opened the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese market of the online content reseller . At the end of 2009 after almost 5 years in the mobile industry he moved back to Italy to fund and lunch the, sold after only 6 months to Groupon and served as MD of the company until December 2012. Groupon gave then Giulio the opportunity to lead the entire Southern Europe and Middle East area as a VP covering Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Israel and the Emirates. He left Groupon in July 2015 and joined WeWork in 2017 as Head of Growth for EMEA and Pacific.