Lorenzo Montagna

Advisor & Trainer for business strategies of AR , VR & MR

Lorenzo Montagna is one of the most expert senior manager in Italy about technologies applied to media. He has been CEO of the Italian subsidiaries of iconic internet brands such as Yahoo! – (1st portal) Altavista ( 1st search engine) ViaMichelin ( 1st mobile geo app) . He founded the 1st Italian consultant company about AR & VR enterprise strategy solutions named SecondstARVR. His mission is indeed to train and advise managers and entrepreneurs about the new world of “experience technology” aka AR & VR, powerful technologies for business, not just for gaming.

Author of the 1st book about AR and VR for business in Italian, (published by Hoepli) and he owns www.secondstarvr.com the point of reference online for use cases and info about AR & VR in biz.