Marco Gualtieri

Founder and Chairman of Seeds&Chips

Visionary entrepreneur in different fields: Entertainment, Digital, Fashion and Art. He has started successful startups in all the above areas. Mostly known for founding TicketOne, the first e-commerce ticketing platform in Italy as well as co-founded Netcomm, Italy’s largest e-commerce association.


Founder and Chairman of Seeds&Chips, the Global Food Innovation Summit – the world-renowned go to event on Food Innovation. He has revolutionized the way food events are done today, making Seeds&Chips an open platform for startups, corporations, organizations, government, investors alike.


A meeting of the minds to truly solve the challenges we face today. Furthermore, his daily activities include connecting entrepreneurs, corporate executives, government and policy makers to create synergies for our global good. Marco has become an internationally recognized expert in this field speaking at conferences, writing articles and mentoring startups and young innovators launch their solutions in the market.