Founder and CEO Sweetguest

Rocco Lomazzi was born in Milan in 1987 and at a very young age already expressed his entrepreneurial skills. After his studies, he began to gain experience in the Real Estate industry working as salesman, then became sales manager of a Real Estate company and later consultant in a mobility and relocation firm.

These experiences allowed him to delve into the Real Estate market, seizing its potential and opportunities. In 2015, during the booming of the Airbnb phenomenon, he noticed that property owners needed competencies, know-how and time to take advantage of the potential offered by the short-rent business.

Therefore, during Expo 2015 he conducted the first tests of short-term rents, which proved a success. A few months later, at the beginning of 2016, together with his partner Edoardo Grattirola he founded Sweetguest, now a leading company in the management of short and middle term rentals.
Today Rocco is CEO of Sweetguest and oversees all business areas. In his free time, he takes part in social activities and charities.

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