Co-Founder GammaDonna

Entrepreneur and journalist, Valentina is the President of Valentina Communication, one of the first PR companies born in Italy, with a strong expertise in highly innovative sectors.

She is co-founder of GammaDonna®️ which has been tackling the issue of gender unbalance, while promoting female and young innovative entrepreneurship, for the last 15 years. She also co-founded and coordinated the inter-associative table Yes4To, a pioneer networking experiment among 22 local trade associations, representing over 22,000 professionals and entrepreneurs.

She studied and worked abroad, being in charge for several years of the Secretariat General of the World Finance Association (IAFEI). Listed by Startupitalia among the 150 women to be followed in Italy when it comes to innovation, in 2017 she was appointed Advisory Board Member of Assolombarda STEAMiamoci, for the reduction of the gender gap in the national economy.

Scienze, femminile plurale

14:00 - 15:00
Velodromo - Università Bocconi - Sala Indaco