Andrea Di Benedetto

Entrepreneur keen on Innovation for small businesses
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President of Navacchio Techno Park (Pisa), an Innovation ecosystem that involves a network of over 60 companies and hi-tech start-ups.

Native of Salerno, Pisan by adoption, cosmopolitan in practice.
Entrepreneur and digital artisan, fond of Innovation and startup, he started 2 companies which he now manages: 3logic, specialized in digital image management and distribution and Tunia, an organic winery which reinterprets the traditional “culture” of winemakers through innovative production techniques. He is also advisor and founder of several successful start-ups.

In 2010 he launched CNA NeXT, the Festival of collective intelligence.
He has always been interested in innovation policies and in the organization and development of small businesses. Since 2017, he is President of CNA Toscana.