Caterina Ferrara

ICO Advisor
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Among 100 women founders in Europe to follow on LinkedIn and Twitter by Forbes. I am Chairperson at Neuralia – Global Research Connections, the first Blockchain-based crowdsourcing project that allows citizen-scientists to collaborate about Science research topics, contributing through a double mechanism: answering to questionnaires provided by NEURALIA; sharing innovative theories to start new projects in the basic research. With an innovative approach, NEURALIA enables people to both formulate the problems as well as generate solutions affecting world human’s health, starting from Neuroscience field and moving to Healthcare in general.
Founder at Blockchain Ladies, an international community born to connect all women involved in this field: professionals, hackers, developers, cryptotraders, entrepreneurs, investors, tech-loving women, all supporters of this new disruptive technology.
ICO Advisor & Community Manager, alternative crowdfunding projects related to cryptocurrencies.
As Digital Health Expert and Blockchain Evangelist, she is focused especially on the “Healthcare and Biomedical Research” side.
Dealing with Communication for about 12 years, especially in the field of Science & Technology, having been a researcher for about 6 years.
Her personal commitment is to bring Blockchain in each potential field of action. In particular, to promote the use of this technology for the creation of new models of Governance and the accessibility to Cryptocurrencies for their introduction into the daily routine.