Direttore di Polimoda

Danilo Venturi is a writer, lecturer, consultant and since 2015 has been the Director of Polimoda.
Venturi has had a multifaceted approach to his career, beginning with studying politics to then specialising in art direction and strategic fashion branding. He has worked for both online and concept stores, as well as luxury lingerie brands such as La Perla – all while DJ-ing on the side. His music career has been just as extensive as his fashion one, starting out in the early 90s. The fresh approach this perspective lends to his teaching has earnt him the title of “rock ‘n’ roll dean” from his students.

Obsessed with ethic and aesthetic research, a proponent of a conceptual approach to fashion, a visionary manager, always attentive to new languages and imageries, he is author of two books: Luxury Hackers and Momenting the Memento – Fashion, Education & the City (both edited by Skira).

Venturi’s view is that “everything is interconnected” and his interdisciplinary nature is a reflection of fashion in itself. “Fashion is a complete discipline that includes human, social and industrial aspects,” he teaches – making sure that Polimoda adapts to these changing conditions while he is at the helm. Polimoda is about working past fashion stereotypes, teaching the value of hard graft and the reality of working in the industry.


“To study fashion,” Venturi observes, “means to get to know yourself and others: to understand how the world works and, possibly, to be able to say how the world should be.” Ultimately, “Fashion is about change, and change needs educated leaders”.