Fabrizio Florideo

Co-founder and R&D Director atTechedge

One of the co-founders of Techedge, Florideo is responsible for Research & Development, a subject in which he offers more than 25 years of experience.
Florideo oversees Techedge’s overall R&D operations across all Industries and Lines of Business and drives the alignment between Techedge’s global strategy and Research and Development operations.

Florideo’s current work includes Enterprise IoT applications, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cybersecurity. Florideo is passionate about the use of these technologies to simplify problems in complex business ecosystems.

Prior to Techedge Florideo was responsible for the Integration Services Business Unit of Realtech and he oversaw several large scale implementations of real-time B2B integration.
Florideo earned a master’s degree in information engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy.