Gabriella Greison

Physicist, writer, monologuist. CEO at

Gabriella Greison is a physicist, writer, professional journalist and interpret of her own monologues at theatre. She graduated in physics in Milan, worked at the Ecole Polytechnique of Paris and now cooperates with radio, tv and writes for the major news outlets and magazines. Among her most successful pieces there’s “L’incredibile cena dei fisici quantistici” and “Sei donne che hanno cambiato il mondo”. Her scientific formation allows her an approach to the daily life events from the, privileged, point of view of someone continuously asking questions, and searching for more with curiosity. She carries through the theatres of all Italy the stories of the physics of the XX century, those that have created our world, inventing a new way to tell science, with her accessible to anyone. From “L’incredibile cena dei fisici quantistici” she created “Monologo Quantistico” that in 2018 reached 150 replicas on stage. From “Sei donne che hanno cambiato il mondo” she created the scene “Due donne ai Raggi X – Marie Curie e Hedy Lamarr, ve le racconto io”. From the new romance “Einstein e io”, launched in September 2018 for Salani, she brings to stage “Einstein & me”: the tale of Albert Einstein’s life from the point of view of Mileva Maric, a physicist herself.