Business Developer at ectogrid, EON

Helen Carlström, Head of R&D, Team ectogrid, has a long experience in the in the field of energy generation and distribution, distributed energy systems, energy efficiency and project management as a B2B innovation program manager for the EON group. She has been responsible for the design and build of new district heating and cooling grids as well as generation plants. For quite some time she has been working on development of the next generation power grids and local energy systems. For the last two years, she is responsible for the research and development of ectogridTM and how to bring this innovative distributed energy solution to the market. ectogridTM is a thermal solution, mainly powered by electricity in a responsible and efficient manner, enabling flexibility and storage of renewable energy.

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16:45 - 17:45
Velodromo - Università Bocconi - Sala Verde