Lorenzo Franchini

Entrepreneur, investor and advisor

Entrepreneur in the venture investing arena, investor and advisor. Founder of ScaleIT Capital and Senior Advisor at LVenture Group, Lorenzo has invested in 20+ startups internationally. In 2007 he co-founded the angel group Italian Angels for Growth and managed the group as managing director till 2014. Some of his investments are Musement (sold to TUI Group), Win Medical (sold to AB Medica), Senseor (sold to Wika AG), Spreaker (merged into Voxnest), Tok.tv, Biobeats, Gipstech, Agroils, Biogenera, Angiodroid. Previously Lorenzo was VP Marketing at Gialloviaggi.it and Stage Entertainment and Manager at Iveco. Graduated with honour in Economics and Commerce at the University of Florence, he had executive education at Stanford and Cranfield.