Luca Napoli

Partner e Consulente Finanziario SCM SIM

I’m an italian financial advisor but I’m not working for a bank or insurance company.I’ve worked for approximately 12 years for a couple of banks and starting from 2004.

I’ve practiced as an independent financial advisor, specifically asa fee-only advisor. In July 2016 I joined Scm Sim wich I’m still part of today as a fee based independent advisor as Icharge fees and collect commissions.

Being Scm’s advisor I’m mainly focused to mapping client’s risks as priority and I’m committed on all kind of alternative investments too, making myself as clear as possible doing that.

As far as I’m concerned a good customer needs to be aware on the way advisors are compensated because he could bump into a good adviser under all compensation models.Could be a big challenge for him to find the few of them really cares about them. My theory is that It is not a matter of model compensation but a matter of approach.