Luca Raffaele

General Director at NeXt Nuova Economia per Tutti

Designer at national and European level and expert on social innovation and shared social responsibility. General manager in NeXt New Economy for All and coordinator of Goal 12 in ASviS Alliance for Sustainable Development. Professor in the national Line “Wellness and Economics of Happiness” at the Training of the Third Sector Manager and co-organizer of the National Festival of Civil Economy.

He co-founded an association against gambling, Slotmob, and was spokesperson for the Job Seekers Development project for the Social Weeks of Cagliari on the topic of mapping best practices and analyzing the responsible work supply chains in Italy .

He writes at the head of the Huffington Post, elaborated the tool of the New Economy Canvas for sustainable startups and supported the elaboration and updating of the participatory self-assessment for the companies related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030 and the domains of the Fair and Sustainable Wellness.