Luigi Galimberti

CEO at Sfera Srl

Class ’72, entrepreneur since 1994. I am a very curious person and this leads me to explore new areas of work. I am not afraid of doing anything I do not know. I always cover operational works in the companies in which I invest. I love to get my hands dirty. I adore to create companies from scratch, to discover opportunities in new and old sectors, I like to innovate where few dare, and discover new ways to do things.


I have an innate passion for quality systems, processes and procedures. I believe that when you create anything, to develop a message is the most important thing. Since 2006 I’ve been working to bring innovation in the SMEs, not in a technological sense, butin the organizational processes and business models. I have a passion for “incremental” innovation.


I like to work with the “Lean” method like Toyota. I have a passion for rationalization and maximization of the process, I believe that avoiding waste and creating value must be a priority of each business .I like corporate associations, to share and create a network to help young entrepreneurs avoid mistakes. I have gained experience confronting myself with more experienced entrepreneurs. I have learnt from my own mistakes and today I am ready to bring my expertise to young entrepreneurs. I like surrounding myself with motivated people with whom I can learn and grow. I work full time to bring innovation in agriculture.