Riccarda Zezza

CEO MAAM Life Based Value

For 15 years Riccarda has held executive roles in large organizations in Italy and across Europe. In 2012, she founded Piano C – an exclusive co-working concept that explores new organisational models through diversity. Today she is the CEO of Life Based Value, an innovative startup, offering ‘MAAM’ – an award-winning digital and life-based training program that harnesses and recognizes parenting skills in business. For the first time, MAAM leverages the ‘soft’ skills people develop as parents, such as empathy, creativity, communication, managing time effectively and leadership. The program also enables businesses to capitalize on the energy and strength that people gain when becoming parents.

She is also Member ad honorem of Cesvi, Member of Weizmann European Network, President of Piano C and Ashoka Fellow, the biggest international community of social entrepreneurs.