Agricolus s.r.l.

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Nome Startup: Agricolus s.r.l.
Sede: Italy, Perugia
Formata nel: 20/02/2017
Categoria: Food
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(Premio miglior team Global Agripreneurs Summit 2019, Premio Nazionale ANGI 2018, Premio Gaetano Marzotto 2018, Start To Be Circular 2017)
Fondatori: Andrea Cruciani, Antonio Natale, Diego Guidotti


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Agricolus s.r.l.

Agricolus S. r. l. is a startup that has developed a Farm Management System platform.
The mission is to support farms and professionals of this sector in optimizing agronomic practices thanks to innovative technologies of data collection and analysis.
The cloud platform is composed of Smart Farming applications: Decision Support Systems, forecast models, smart pest and disease control, remote sensing from satellite and drones.
The idea of a sustainable future, high professionalism, great experience, and dynamism define the identity of Agricolus, whose strength is made up of a multidisciplinary team: Agronomists and Developers, GIS Technicians and Data Scientists working for modern agriculture.

img-startup-Agricolus s.r.l.