Nome Startup: armadioverde
Sede: Italy, Genova
Formata nel: 15/02/2015
Categoria: Circular Economy
Financing round:yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes

Fondatori: David Joseph Erba, Eleonora Dellera


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A pioneer of the circular economy, armadioverde is the number 1 fashion recommerce startup in Italy.

armadioverde’s mission is to become the best community-based service platform for the exchange of mainstream fashion items in Europe.

With a growing user-base, the highest retention rate in the industry, a collection of 160.000 affordable items, the publishing of new collections 4 times a day and a team of talented people in the Milan HQ and in the local operations, armadioverde offers its members the possibility to exchange items and renew their style in an affordable, convenient and sustainable way.

armadioverde is already operating in Italy and France, soon expanding across other European territories.

How it works:

1) Pick up: we collect your unused clothes, free of charge.
2) Get stars: in exchange for each quality item you have sent in, we add an amount of “stars” onto your armadioverde digital wallet.
3) Guilt-free shopping: select among 2.000 new items sent by our members every day. Buy using your “stars” + €