Nome Startup: Blimp
Sede: Italy, Milano
Formata nel: 28/11/2017
Categoria: AI
Financing round:yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(Premio Marzotto)
Fondatori: Vincenzo Russi, Alex Buzzetti, Alessio Torelli, Luca Gatti


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Blimp is a tech company backed by e-Novia, the Enterprises Factory, that has developed a privacy compliant sensor to collect people flows data in the physical world.
Blimp Head-Counter measures the number of vehicles and people passing in front of the camera and the relative socio-demographics distribution (gender and age group) in real-time.
Blimp Analytics dashboard visualizes the insights in real-time delivering the real value of data directly to the final user.