Nome Startup: Caracol
Sede: Italy, Lomazzo (CO)
Formata nel: 1/01/2018
Categoria: Industry 4.0
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(Bando “Design Competition - Expo Dubai 2020” Padiglione Italia, Milano | Settembre 2019 - Bando “Guiltlessplastic”, Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Design Week Milano 2019, 9-14 Aprile 2019)
Fondatori: Francesco De Stefano (CEO), Jacopo Gervasini (CFO), Paolo Cassis (COO), Giovanni Avallone (CDO)


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Caracol is a one-stop Additive Manufacturing service provider for companies in the industrial sector. We have been working with more than 120 partners from industries such as automotive and motorsports, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, medical devices, and design.

We offer our partners a broad range of solutions, such as: product design and concept development where we engineer components for AM production, large scale prototypes up to five meters wide thanks to our proprietary robotic system, line production of finished parts up to 10.000 pieces, support in internalizing 3D printing technology within a company, 3D printing training and workshops for companies.

Our team combines a deep expertise in generative design and additive manufacturing, with an extensive knowledge of the industrial goods sector. This has allowed us to develop technologies that produce components for high-performing applications, print complex geometries and very large scale pieces. Thanks to our deep know-how and strategic partnerships with material producers, our R&D team identifies the best fitting material and technology to create our partner’s product’s design and performance.

Caracol ultimately wants to redesign the current production system, enabling manufacturing companies to find their way towards a more efficient, progressive, and sustainable future, through a more sensible use of technology and respect for available resources.