Nome Startup: Clairify
Sede: Netherlands, Amsterdam
Formata nel: 1/10/2018
Categoria: Smartcity
Fondatori: Tibor Casteleijn, Jan-Willem Gmelig Meyling, Felix van den Horst


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Clairify is a tech startup from Amsterdam which focuses on improving the wellbeing and productivity of employees by creating healthy work environments in office buildings using smart software and IoT sensors. We analyze and predict trends of indoor climate based on user experiences through our mobile app as well as data from our sensors. Our services provide an outcome for companies which want to improve their employee engagement, obtain certifications for healthy buildings such as WELL, LEED or BREEAM, and improve their CSR scores. We believe everyone has the right to work and live in a healthy climate.

We have done multiple pilots and are in negotiations with multiple corporations at this moment to obtain our launching customer. Also, we are starting a seed round investment soon.