Disignum srl

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Nome Startup: Disignum srl
Sede: Italy, turin
Formata nel: 1/01/2011
Categoria: Fashion
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(Premio Innovazione PNI - Commercio e Servizi)
Fondatori: Marco Andolfi; Andrea Torza


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Disignum srl

CRM4Retail is a Cloud Platform conceived to study and evaluate customer behavior. It combines online channels (newsletters, apps, social networks, web communities) with in-store physical devices (interactive screens, sensors, smartphones, tablets) to provide individual customers with personalized information and product recommendations, while also enhancing the mutual connection – whether online or personally – between the company and its endusers. CRM4Retail comes in two versions available for small-sized businesses and enterprise companies respectively.

Value Proposition • providing smooth support to all communication and purchase activities both in-store and online; • supplying single customer’s sales history; • configuring the product catalog efficiently; • analyzing customer behavior in the buying process; • offering the most suitable product to individual customers or to a cluster of customers.

img-startup-Disignum srl