Dotevè S.r.l.

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Nome Startup: Dotevè S.r.l.
Sede: Italia, La Spezia
Formata nel: 8/03/2019
Categoria: Tourism
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(SMAU Milano 2019 Startup Innovativa Regione Liguria)
Fondatori: Enrico Samarughi, Guido Silvano, Marta Michelis, Marco Marchi


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Dotevè S.r.l.

Dotevè​ ​offers tourist experiences with Vespa Elettrica and a telephone with customized app-based itineraries. Our innovative service puts together two key elements: 1) an app as a digital guide, creating personalized itineraries, suggestions and discounts; 2) Vespa Elettrica, the most convenient, elegant and ecologic way to move around on vacation. We put together a network of gastronomic stores, restaurants, museums, and offer discounts. Ours is a cultural enriching experience allowing you to taste the best traditional products, enjoy breathtaking views and swim in crystal clear waters. Dotevè can satisfy different needs depending on each user’s interests.