EasyTax Assistant

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Nome Startup: EasyTax Assistant
Sede: Italia, Milano
Formata nel: 2/04/2018
Categoria: Fintech
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(Winner of: 1.Heroes meet in Maratea 2018 - 2.“#CallforGrowth: The future of Legal, Tax and Accounting” Nov 2018 - 3.Premio Marzotto “Dall’idea all’impresa”)
Fondatori: Daniele Pace


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EasyTax Assistant

EasyTax Assistant is born out of the awareness that taxpayers are not helped and empowered to efficiently manage their taxes. This is mainly due to the fact that tax model (in general, not only the Italian one) is not in step with the current technological evolution.

What are the main problems? Difficult to understand, lack of clear and specific information for their own needs, lack of technological tools to support tax management and the analysis system does not allow taxpayers to act proactively.
EasyTax Assistant wants to revolutionize this matter and define a new standard, solving all of these issues. It provides the taxpayer a unique, easy-to-use, turnkey tool that facilitates all stages of his tax management, with the final result of reducing the tax burden virtuously.
By doing this we are creating an important added value, not only for the taxpayer but also for the intermediaries and the legislator.

Our offer is both B2C and B2B.
On one side we have the App, which is mainly devoted to two targets: single income taxpayers (i.e. employees) and taxpayers with different sources of income (i.e. freelancers).
On the other hand we offer a platform that strengthen trust relationship between tax consultants and their clients and it works as a tax advisor for both parties. It allows a simple communication between them and an easy and automatic data collection.

Next step will be to grow fast and bring EasyTax to other European Union countries that, just like Italy, need a democratization tool for all taxpayers. interested in this project.