Epiphany Srl

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Nome Startup: Epiphany Srl
Sede: Italy, Milan
Formata nel: 16/07/2016
Categoria: Fintech
Fondatori: Paolo Spadafora, Edoardo Moretti


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Epiphany Srl

Epiphany is a forward-thinking, industry leading fintech company focused on building products and solutions to transform the digital banking world.


We believe technology is here to serve people! Epiphany’s unique banking eco-system and marketplace transforms legacy banking systems into next generation digital banking platforms instantly.  It’s ready made apps, suite of micro services and simple application development and deployment environment quickly and easily removes blocks to market and opens up new opportunities and revenue streams.


By utilising modern Cloud architecture and optimising processes, Epiphany’s digital banking platform and marketplace brings real tangible benefits.  One single integration opens up huge potential for banks to offer a range of targeted products; increase revenues and raise their brand profile in an extremely competitive market.


Epiphany’s flexible solution can easily transform any existing core banking system by providing;


  • an extensive network of third-party partners allows banks to offer additional products and services that complement their own core offering.


  • access to a growing collection of open banking API’s with a ‘one click’ connection process; reducing internal infrastructure costs and resource that would be required if connecting to each individually.


  • a sandbox environment with developer SDK’s enabling quick and easy development and deployment of new targeted products to address different customer types and provide a greater customer experience.


Epiphany’s modular approach and open platform innovation creates an ecosystem community to enable banks to create and deploy new products and services quickly, easily and without huge internal infrastructure costs. With the capability to continually adapt and extend, banks are able to keep up with customer demands, market trends and new innovations effortlessly.


Vote for Epiphany the only ‘true’ open platform for the banking industry – Transforming the future of banking. TODAY!