Nome Startup: Ernesto
Sede: Italia, ROMA
Formata nel: 1/09/2017
Categoria: Marketplace
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(2019: We are based in Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley), at Plug And Play Acceleration running the 3 months acceleration program (equity-free) and we are proudly part of their Playbook. 2017: Premio Dona UNC)
Fondatori: Riccardo de Bernardinis


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Imagine Ernesto as your trusted neighbor that helps you hire local professionals like plumbers, DJs, and many others.
Today, thousands of busy parents, homeowners and expatriates can already find the right professional to meet their needs.

How does it work?
Define what your project is and what you’re trying to get done.

We send that out to our network of pros and those who are available and interested quote directly back to you.

With that, we package reviews, profile information and everything you need to make a confident hiring decision.

Moreover, we help local companies, electricians, contractors, painters and anyone offering home services, to expand their business with the fairest conditions, they could not get anywhere else.
In fact, many local professionals complain because they are not happy with current methods to promote their business online because they are spending too much money for too few results.
Instead, Ernesto allows local businesses to save time and money, strengthen local economies.
That’s how we see our future, and we are honored to build it with our users.