Nome Startup: Foorban
Categoria: Food-tech


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Chi siamo – Attività

Foorban is a 100% italian Food-tech & lifestyle company disrupting the business lunch industry. A Food Platform that produces its own fresh, tasty and healthy food which improves your everyday wellbeing. With an omnichannel and direct to consumer approach, we design multiple solutions for modern communities of workers offering high quality and a distinctive customer experience.

Cosa facciamo

Foorban creates a different menu every week designed by our chef and nutritionist that matches the business lunch community needs: value for money, tasty&healthy meals, smart UX. We look after the whole process, from production to distribution thus creating an easy access to our products. The range of our solutions goes from smb’s meal planning to corporate catering and inside-companies new concept of canteen.

Perché Foorban?

Foorban is re-shaping the way people eat, focusing on specific aspects: quality, transparency, reliability, sustainability and convenience. While we match these strong values of modern urban communities, we bring disruption into the less digitised industry using engagement and personalisation as drivers of a positive lifestyle that creates a united and loyal community