Genuine Way

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Nome Startup: Genuine Way
Sede: Switzerland , Lugano
Formata nel: 1/07/2018
Categoria: Service Provider - Blockchain
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes

Fondatori: Walfredo Della Gherardesca, Luca Nardelli



Genuine Way

Genuine Way is a Swiss service provider that specializes in developing and distributing software solutions dedicated to the European manufacturers in the food, fashion, cosmetics and design industries.
Our tools utilize blockchain technology to certify authenticity and production quality of consumer goods, with a focus on the topics of environmental and social sustainability.
Genuine Way is a specialized partner for brands in the the agrifood, wine, cosmetics and fashion industries. Our belief is that Mediterranean and Southern-European manufacturers are among the brands that can benefit the most out of adopting blockchain technology.
Our mission is to certify the quality, the environmental and the social sustainability of consumer goods, providing a competitive advantage to brands that are actively envisioning a better world.