Nome Startup: Italent
Sede: Italia, Bolzano
Formata nel: 28/03/2018
Categoria: Food
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes

Fondatori: Cinzia Moretti, Lorenzo Guerra


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ITALENT Is a digital platform that promotes and sells Italian food and wine around the world.
We develop, produce and implement innovative IT services for the smart agrifood chain. We endeavor to promote and market Italian food products that best represent both the heritage and innovative spirit of Italian cuisine.

We unveil the unique stories behind these products, and the producers responsible for them, in order to accurately depict our tradition and culture. We carefully work hand in hand with native speakers, who are experts in each of our new market places, in order to ensure that the provenance of our carefully selected items is never lost.

Italent is a horizontal marketplace that provides producers of agrifood excellence direct access to world markets through a digital process that encompasses every aspect of the sale.
We aim to become a point of reference for Italian companies and consortia that produce high-quality food. We constantly and consistently strive to support them in the skilful export of their product to larger the world.

We intend to achieve this by constructing a process that draws on highly qualified human participation, while simultaneously being fed by a strong and innovative digital component.

We endeavour to assist our producers in overcoming the many obstacles and difficulties that they may encounter in the internationalization of their products. These producers often lack the cultural and strategic skills needed to effectively navigate foreign markets on their own and do not necessarily possess the know-how to “create an effective and working system”. Many may struggle to correctly select target markets and, consequently, required languages to convey the unique story of their products.

Finally, they may also not fully understand how to employ the extraordinary potential of digital tools.
We actively strive to support our producers in better understanding which products will be available for sale and therefore aid them in their capacity to adhere to binding supply contracts. This is, in fact, one of the major concerns that our producers face while partaking in artisanal production. The complexity of accurately understanding how much product will be available at any given time.

Therefore, our aim is to bring all the different facets necessary for the successful export of a product into an easy and coherent single flow. These include but are not limited to:
The identification and measurement of a market and it’s potential (through big data analysis, and additional analytic data)

The pursuit of extraordinary products produced by small and medium producers

Legal contracts and agreements with the food producers (developing a new and very flexible smart contract)
 Product content creation (new formats and content through digital, and social media)

The communication processes of the product themselves (SEO, SEM, digital contents and social in the original language, cultural mediation 4.0)

The sale of the product itself (i.e. e-commerce and logistics)

Internet and digital tools are entirely revolutionizing access to information, value perception of products, purchasing dynamics, payments, organization of logistics and, at the final stage, the process of consumption. As a result, we consider these as central elements on which we build our strategies.

If the food market depends on 5 consequent elements (production, marketing, distribution, consumption, representation), we will manage the second and the third, and influence the first, the fourth and the last.