Nome Startup: Lokky
Sede: Italy, Milan
Formata nel: 24/01/2017
Categoria: Fintech
Financing round:yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes

Fondatori: Paolo Tanfoglio, Sauro Mostarda




Lokky is the first Italian digital insurance broker focused only on micro-enterprises, professionals and freelance. Leveraging on smart analytics (incl. AI ) it offers a fully personalized solution.
Lokky innovation is based on two main pillars:
1) fully digital experience in line with customers high expectations. Lokky from 23rd October is the first player to offer quotation, emission, signature, payment and management for a business insurance coverage on the italian market
2) proprietary algorithm based on smart analytics (incl. AI) to understand the specific client needs,minimizing inputs requested to the customers (with several
external data sources) and to customize the products in terms of coverages, sub-coverages, deductibles and insured amounts, providing value for money to the clients.

Lokky is online in beta version version since 23rd October 2019, but its proprietary algorithm supported already more than 28.000 clients (with a pilot project developed with a large Insurance Carrier).