Marianna Benatti

image_startup_Marianna Benatti

Nome Startup: Marianna Benatti
Sede: Italia, Milan
Formata nel: 23/01/2018
Categoria: Health
Fondatori: Marianna Benatti


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Marianna Benatti is an innovative technology startup that improves employees’ wellbeing, in less than 15′ minutes per day, during their working hours so they feel more engaged, focused and are more productive.
Easy to implement, helps
– to improve company performance of any size and sector, reduces the costs arising from illness, absenteeism/presentism, turnover and increases employee retention and stimulating creative thinking and value generation
– to improve health and safety at work: RSPPs and RSLs are always looking for solutions to increase health and safety at work, as foreseen by the Italian Law (D.Lgs. 81/08)
– to enrich the Social Responsibility Corporate Report and enhance the ESG assessment: Investor, clients and suppliers are increasingly considering the social impact of their investment