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Nome Startup: Medere Srl
Sede: Italy, Rome
Formata nel: 20/11/2018
Categoria: Health
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(VereImprese by Godaddy and Alkemy SPA, Rome Startup Week, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center bootcamp, I3P pre-incubation programme)
Fondatori: Raffaele Ferrante, Daniele Bianchi


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Medere Srl

POSFO (Personalised Orthopaedic and Sportive Foot Orthotics) solution: Medere created an innovative workflow to overcome the most common limitations in foot orthotics manufacture. Our solution starts with a step by step guide that allows each customer to create a dataset of images using a simple smartphone, the dataset is then used by our automated algorithms to reconstruct feet anatomies. Feet geometries are used as input for an automatic CAD process to obtain the final personalised foot orthotics. The final model is then manufactured through a 3D printer and shipped directly to each customer home.

Medere aims to enter the massive market of foot-orthotics by the end of 2019 with three custom-made insoles solutions. Medere will aim at intercepting a large volume of customers through an initial B2C model and a dedicated digital marketing strategy. Strategic partnerships have been granted and relevant testimonials have been involved to promote our products. The final users for the B2C model are all the customers that need custom-made insoles for everyday life, comfort and pain relief or active sport life.

After the initial B2C strategy, Medere will pivot into a B2B2C model. This will allow companies in the field with a larger number of customers to introduce custom-made solution in their products attracting more customer and offering a better product. Medere will provide the digital system for a fee on each sale.

Problem: over one in three adults (aged over 45) suffers of foot-related conditions that are painful and invalidating. The use of custom-made foot orthotics is crucial for a better management of such conditions and an overall improved quality of life in both pathological and sport conditions. The lack of access to these devices leads to faster degradation of people quality of life which turns in higher level of sedentary lifestyle and in higher cost for the society. The difficulties of finding high-quality and efficient personalised foot orthotics is related to specific causes: limited accessibility, time consuming, expensive products, Production of waste material and use of disposables and limited customisability.

Solution: our innovative workflow exploits digital solution such as remote acquisition through mobile app, digital reconstruction and modelling and 3D printing to overcome the above-mentioned limitation. Our solution has: easy access, high accuracy, complete customisability, reduced cost and waste, Locally customised mechanical response.

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