Mind The Gum

image_startup_Mind The Gum

Nome Startup: Mind The Gum
Sede: Italy, Milano
Formata nel: 22/10/2015
Categoria: Food
Financing round:yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(Eccellenze Italiane 2018, Speed Mi UP, Assocamere Estero,)
Fondatori: Giorgio Pautrie, Carlo Pautrie


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Mind The Gum

Mind The Gum is a chewing gum with 15 active components like vitamines, antioxidants and caffeine for concentration and mental energy.
With an high quality product and an exceptional celebrity endorsement, Zlatan Ibrahimović, we aim to bring Mind The Gum on every desk of the world, to help more and more people in reaching success every day.