Morelli Tech

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Nome Startup: Morelli Tech
Sede: Italy, Imola (BO)
Formata nel: 2/01/2020
Categoria: Automotive, AR/XR
Fondatori: Alessio Morelli, Gabriele Udine


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Morelli Tech

We are a startup born with the aim of reducing road accidents caused by driver distraction.
We are building a mixed reality system that can display all the information necessary for driving, such as speedometer, navigator, time, incoming calls, etc. on the windscreen by projection of a hologram
With a system based on artificial intelligence and multiple sensors external to the passenger compartment that allow the system to detect any obstacles on the road, such as pedestrians, other cars or objects that obstruct the journey or road signs.

The main advantages of this system are the fact that you never take your eyes off the road and consequently a percentage of distraction reduced to a minimum, the customization of the system by application from the phone, so having the possibility to reposition, add or remove information to your liking based on your personal needs and the ability to view calls or messages while driving without having to look away.

As for the moments in which the vehicle is parked, we thought that many motorists live the vehicle almost like a home, just think of truck drivers or those who have to work many kilometers to work, with this idea we have thought about the possibility of projecting applications such as YouTube, Netflix Spotify, WhatsApp etc. in such a way as to be able to entertain in the moments when the vehicle is not on the road, obviously in the moment in which the machine will begin to circulate these functionalities will be blocked.

This system should be mounted during the assembly of the car, for those who want a solution: less intrusive, more affordable and implementable on every vehicle already purchased, we are building Holoclip, which for ٍ will be a product not equipped with all the features of the system exposed previously.

holoclip will be presented for the first time, before market launch, at CES 2020 in Las Vegas

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