My Cooking Box

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Nome Startup: My Cooking Box
Sede: Italy, Milan
Formata nel: 18/03/2015
Categoria: Food
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(1) 2018 Premio Nazionale per l'Innovazione ConfCommercio categoria commercio (Confcommercio's National Prize for Innovation for trade category) 2) 2018 QVC Next Award Prize of GammaForum)
Fondatori: Chiara Rota, Francesca Pezzotta


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My Cooking Box

My Cooking Box is a package that contains all you need to easily recreate one of the recipes of the Italian tradition at your place. The ingredients are all Made in Italy and perfectly dosed so that you can cook whenever you want and with zero waste. The recipe are carefully tested and studied by famous Chefs. In other words My Cooking Box is a revolution of food buying process: costumers are no longer buying ingredients as usually, but in this way they buy recipes.