Nome Startup: OfCourseMe
Sede: Italy, Monza
Formata nel: 10/07/2017
Categoria: Education
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(Learning Awards 2020 Finalist)
Fondatori: Davide Conforti, Francesco Carante, Vito Lomele


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OfCourseMe is the leading learning content aggregator, search and recommendation engine, allowing learners to browse and compare among over 250.000 quality learning contents from multiple sources on the Web (MOOCs, tutorials, podcasts, video lessons, etc.).

Our “secret sauce” is a unique combination of smart tech and value added services allowing L&D managers at large Corps to outsource a big chunk of content discovery and curation activities to OfCourseMe.

We serve top brands in Italy as well as abroad like Vodafone, Sky, Esselunga, ENI, Ferrovie dello Stato, Biogen, etc.

We run operations in Italy, Germany and (soon to come) UK, France and Spain.