Nome Startup: Olympialex
Sede: Italy, Milano
Formata nel: 17/12/2014
Categoria: Sport
Fondatori: Lorenzo De Meo, Federico Venturi Ferriolo, Fabio Iudica, Antonio Zoccali


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Olympialex aims at simplifying the daily work of sports lawyers, while at the same time facilitating the tasks of all those who work in the sports industry.
Olympialex hosts the most complete sports law database available. This database includes the latest sports related rulings. It is constantly updated, and includes decisions rendered by the Court of Arbitration for sport in Lausanne, the decisions of the European Court of Justice, the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and Player Status Committee, disciplinary, regulatory, and dispute resolution bodies various national and international sport governing organizations, and arbitration tribunals.
Olympialex provides analyses of key jurisprudence by renowned national and international experts in the field, whose contribution makes research results more valuable.
The Olympialex search engine is based on an innovative algorithm that can guide you in searching, optimizing your results and saving time and cost.

All of this, for the first time, in one place.