Pain Chronicles

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Nome Startup: Pain Chronicles
Sede: Italia, Vicenza
Formata nel: 2/07/2019
Categoria: Life Science
Fondatori: Giampiero Gallo, Medical Doctor, CEO, Alessandro Munari , IOT expert, software developer, Manuel Righele, Marketer, Digital Communication, Matteo Zanella, Medical Doctor, CTO, Giampietro Bin , CFO


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Pain Chronicles

Pain Chronicles will develope an exclusive software for pain detection and monitoring that’s reduce direct and indirect cost of pain. Only in the United States in these moment 100.000.000 people suffering with chronic pain and the total cost /year is extimated around 600 billion of dollars.Pain Chronicles will study a pain index to allow patient explain there pain and clinicians patient monitoring. Pain measure will reduce hospedalization cost, limit opioids addiction and overdose and guide to optimization therapy.