Nome Startup: Pigro
Sede: Italia, Novellara
Formata nel: 21/06/2018
Categoria: AI
Fondatori: Nicolò Magnanini, Nicola Abbasciano, Stefano Marzani, Daniele Galvani, Armando Fontana, Ahmed Nasser


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Pigro is a turnkey virtual assistant for organizations’ customer service and internal helpdesk, able to answer users’ requests and to help its human colleagues with the most difficult ones.
Pigro doesn’t require any initial long configuration like NLP/U nowadays solutions, thanks to his proprietary technology.
Pigro retrieves answers automatically from existing data sets (like User Manuals, Websites, Blogs, etc..) and doesn’t require the organization to rewrite its knowledge base.
Pigro gives your employees the chance to get any kind of information about company policy and procedures without swamping their colleagues and helps to increase Customer Satisfaction and agent productivity.