Nome Startup: ProntoPro
Sede: Italy, Milano
Formata nel: 6/03/2015
Categoria: Social innovation
Financing round:yes
(Over 1M)
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(UniCredit Start Lab Award 2017 in digital category - GammaDonna Award 2018 - Best in Italy – Service’s Champion 2018/2019)
Fondatori: Marco Ogliengo, Silvia Wang


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With more than 500 services, ProntoPro is the European marketplace that puts customers in touch with Professionals for pretty much anything they need. Over 1.000.000 customers have already used ProntoPro to find the Professionals they need, but we are just at the beginning of our journey: in fact, our mission is to bring transparency and meritocracy inside the services market. Everyday we inspire millions of people to realize their projects and make their dreams come true. Practicality is our strength: we offer a useful, concrete and prompt service, and we are able to help both customers and Professionals get what they need. With more than 400.000 registered Professionals, ProntoPro is the most important Italian marketplace for services, and during the last year has raised 6.000.000 € to boost its international expansion in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain.