The Closing Club

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Nome Startup: The Closing Club
Sede: Italy, Verona
Formata nel: 15/05/2018
Categoria: regtech/legaltech
Fondatori: Stefano Bona Veggi, Fabio Schiavoni, Alessandro Zamperini


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The Closing Club

The Closing Club is a platform for M&A professionals that helps them with the Deal’s origination. users can enter details (choosing the depth of the information) of their business opportunities, in a totally anonymous way.
To enter an opportunity, just a few “clicks”, and it is immediately published in the Club, all “club members” if interested can deepen the operation by contact directly the professional who entered it.
Using, users have a large network of professionals and constantly have an up-to-date overview of the opportunities entered by other professionals that may be of interest to a client and potentially become a business.