Nome Startup: Trytaly
Categoria: Online service


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Chi siamo – Attività

Trytaly is a registered trademark of Asternomic, an innovative startup founded on late October 2017 with the mission of developing new services for tourists and travelers.

Cosa facciamo

An online service to let foreign visitors experience more Italy through truly authentic meal sharing events. Knowing your current position, Trytaly shows on your mobile all the available hosts nearby. Pick one of their menus and book it at your price!

Perché Trytaly?

Key competitive advantages. 1) Tourist-centric vs. event-centric. We geolocate the guest and let him know in real time where to enjoy a traditional Italian meal nearby. No need to select a destination to be put in contact with available hosts there. 2) Name your price vs. fixed price. The price is in the hands of guests, no surprises.