Nome Startup: vipit
Sede: Italy, Milan
Formata nel: 15/04/2019
Categoria: Media
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(SpeedMiUp (February 2019), MBS StartupShip (February 2019))
Fondatori: Aldo Visibelli, Francesco Pittaluga, Andrea Visibelli, Iacopo De Totero


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vipit is a digital sales channel through which premium magazines, publishing firms and newspapers sell individual articles about business, economics, culture and current affairs. The platform has no paywalls, ads, fake news nor clickbait campaigns.

It seeks to become the most premium Italian business & economics content aggregator, with only a few highly respected, high-end sources and a heavily engaged curious target audience.

It seeks to give the possibility to users to read and save top-notch content from distinct sources with one subscription.