Nome Startup: WAHU
Sede: Italy, Milano
Formata nel: 30/06/2019
Categoria: Fashion
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
(CES 2020 Innovation Awards for Wearable Technologies)
Fondatori: Patrizia Casali, e-Novia




WAHU product is the very first active sole able to adapt its morphology to changes both in the external environment, like terrain, temperature or humidity, and in the dynamic state of the user.
Thanks to an air flow inside a series of interconnected chambers, with a particular bellow structure, a miniaturized compressor allows the volumetric changes of the sole and, consequently, the variation of its grip and cushioning.
Due to its adaptability, WAHU can make the difference in scenarios, such as the urban frost areas or industrial workers environment, where sudden changes in grip and cushioning are required. Moreover, introducing electronics in the shoes, WAHU will be able to create innovative services for the user, such as gait analysis based identification, foot pressure analysis or fall prevention.