Nome Startup: YOOKYE
Sede: Italia, Alba
Formata nel: 8/06/2018
Categoria: Tourism
Financing round:yes
Working prototype:yes
Competitions/Prizes won:yes
((- Accelerathon smart Tourism Invitalia 2018 - Connext Confindustria 2019 - Call for partecipation a hub Berlin 2018 - Bootstrap 2019))


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Yookye is an experiential tourism platform based on Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence that allows travelers to receive complete proposals for stays and experiences, without having to spend days on different websites and with the added value offered by the ability to draw on the knowledge of experts in the area. Yookye builds partnerships with local suppliers to create a real experiential holiday, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the reality of the destination chosen.
Yookye intends to provide an innovative booking experience, offering users personalized travel experiences, tailored to their needs and inclinations.
Yookye’s value proposition comes from 3 key innovative features:
1. Complete planning of the travel experience through local experts: through the Yookye web platform, users describe their passions and receive three holiday offers in line with their interests. The proposals are created by experts in the tourism industry with the help of Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to profile the inclinations and expectations of users based on personal experiences.
2. Reduction of booking transaction costs: Yookye has significantly lower transaction costs for both tourists and owners compared to existing booking platforms.
3. Data security and reliability: Yookye is decentralized and uses Blockchain Ethereum technology to ensure transactions and data management in complete transparency. Guests interact directly with owners through smart contracts. The risks of data manipulation are reduced and the reliability of the information reported within the platform increases (reviews certified through external nodes of the network). The actual existence of a property/service is guaranteed, ensuring that only those who have used a service can access comments.